It is widely recognized that the Bibles that are produced from the original unadulterated Masoretic text become the most accurate translations.

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Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones / New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc.www.nlpg.comFollowing a 14 year professional career during which he held varying positions of responsibility as: Paleontologist, Geophysicist, District Geophysicist, Geophysical …

I was first introduced to study the scriptures at the age of 18 by a Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement Minister back in 1965. Thus began my search for the Truth of Jesus. Although I come from a Catholic background we were not encouraged to read the Holy Scripture. At this time I began to read Mrs. White’s books like “The Great controversy” and “The Desire of the Ages”. I joined SDA Reform Movement in1965 and in 1970 I was re-baptized into the main stream of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

From 1973, I worked as a Literature Evangelist for the next 25 years. In 1987 the Signs Publishing Company sent me a letter to say that I had delivered more copies of  “The Desire of the Ages” in that year than all the other Literature Evangelist in Australia and New Zealand combined.

The SDA Church and its pioneers built the main pillars of their faith on the apocalyptic studies of Daniel particularly the 2300 year prophecy and the 490 year prophecy. This motivated me to examine whether the year pegs determined by archeological and astronomical records were correct in the setting of the years of the BC era. It is upon these findings that most churches including ours calculate the time prophecies. My research into this topic began in 1996 and I was joined by Keith Moxon in 1998. Together we photocopied some 50,000 pages from nearly 360 books dealing with the archeological and astronomical records of the Babylonian and Persian periods.

Keith Moxon held degrees in Theology, Education, Holistic Medicine and Honours in Physics and Science. He became the major writer for our research. We discovered through the work of Martin Anstey and Philip Mauro’s chronology. They used the original unadulterated  Masoretic text, because of this all the line of years could be connected from Genesis to the decree of Cyrus at 3,589 an-hom years which came to the true conversion of 457 BC. This demonstrated the accuracy of the Masoretic text. The Bible Chronological years from Adam through to the birth of Christ when compared to the dates of the secular chronology and Ptolemy’s canon has a difference of 79 years. Wherever the Septuagint LXX text or the Samaritan Pentateuch text is used it distorts the chronological line of years in the Old Testament. See Anstey page 1 to 18. We submit to you our findings in the following material

The summary of our work has some 170 pages plus charts plus the detailed analysis of old Testament Chronology. It begins with a long eight page chart dealing with the Babylonian and Persian periods through to the crucifixion of Christ. It will be important to have this chart in front of you when studying the analysis of the work. The eight page chart will have to be joined with a clear tape front and back and folded like a concertina in an A4 format. The second chart is made up of pages 1 to 3 which will need to be joined covering the overall years from the Genesis creation of Adam to the crucifixion of Christ. This long chart and short chart is downloaded on A4 paper through EXCEL . At the beginning of the PDF file, there is a two page chart printed long ways on the A4 sheet which needs to be joined at the longer ends of A4 sheet horizontally and then aligned against the big chart at Cyrus’s true date of 457 BC to 408 BC showing how 85 important sequence of events and a number of prophetic utterances were fulfilled as found in books of Ezra, Esther and Nehemiah through the Old Testament Chronological line.

As one carefully examines the 170 page summary of these men Anstey, Mauro and Moxon’ research, one will be convinced of genius level of work done in the area of Old Testament Chronology. Their work stands head and shoulders above every other chronology done for the pegging of BC years. Because it is based entirely on the Old Testament records.

Sadly Keith Moxon passed away in August of 2006, Keith worked by himself as a truly great eccentric for nearly 30 years on his farm doing an enormous amount of Biblical research. Keith only had a hand typewriter. We opologise for any pages that do not properly align. Beneath the clay lies sparkling diamonds a truth.

The eight page long chart is set 115% enlargement for the purpose of downloading A4 pages, to view the chart correctly on the internet one needs to adjust on excel 92% for viewing the chart vertically all in the one focus and then it can be scrolled horizontally.

We have included a certain portion of Martin Anstey’s work “The Romance of Bible Chronology”. To get Anstey’s Romance of Bible Chronology complete work free download for personal use to go And we also suggest to read The Wonders of Bible Chronology by Philip Mauro copyrights to S E Roberts Publishers, 14 Clerkenwell Green, London. E.C. 1, England1933.

The Pendulum of the skeptical can sway from one extreme to the other

From the fifth to the fifteenth Century, Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and the Popes of the Catholic Church held sway over the minds of millions of its followers. They promulgated that only they had the gift of interpreting Holy Scripture. Great minds like Galileo arose opposing the catholic churches’ geocentric view of the movements of the solar system. The church interpreted the Holy Scriptures to mean that the earth was at the centre of our universe and all the planets revolved around it. Galileo championed the Copernican heliocentric model where the sun was at the centre of our universe and all the planets revolved around it. For holding this view Galileo was house bound by the Catholic Church and forced him not to promulgate his theory.

The printing press was invented in the 15th century and thousands of Bibles were printed. This gave way to the protestant reformation and gave freedom of thought for the interpretation of Holy Scriptures to all who read it. In the sixteenth century the great scholar Arch Bishop James Ussher, completed his work “the Chronology of the Annals of the World History”. This work chronicled the years from the creation as recorded in Genesis, through to his time.

In the 1850s, Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” was published, and it caused many to doubt the Genesis story. The Holy Scriptures made claims of cities that existed, which could not be proven. When archeologists had learned to decipher the Cuneiform writings, they discovered that the cities of the Old Testament actually did exist. Archeologists and chronologists, believing they now had the tools, put together all the years correctly from the start of A.D. to the 7th century BC. There findings also confirmed that the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy and his canon of ten kings of the Persian period of 205 years were correlated. Thus the BC years were set in concrete, in the books of secular history, which still stands to the present time.

In 1923, Martin Anstey embarked upon his monumental work, mathematically calculating that the years from the creation of Adam to the decree of Cyrus, was 3,589 years. This was based on the genealogy of the human race, the An-Hom years of the Bible using the Masoretic text. His work is entitled “The Romance of Bible Chronology” has some 300 pages of very precise and detailed analysis plus 187 pages of charts of these years. In 1933, the American lawyer and Evangelical scholar Philip Mauro embarked on the same work as Anstey writing his shorter version of 89 pages. This work is suitable for the average layman to understand. His work also reached the same number years as Anstey’s 3,589 years from the creation of Adam to the decree of Cyrus. His work is entitled “The Wonders of Bible Chronology”.

Bible chronologists should carefully examine Keith Moxon’s long chart which we enclose. Boris Dobra has placed additional lines on the chart under “Q” and “R” the Ptolemaic line of years. “S” covers the synchronization of the decree of the seventh year of Artaxerxes Longimanus 1 at 457BC under “Q” and “R” beneath at synchronization is the decree of Cyrus at his true date at 457 BC. Compare the perfect fulfillment of the 490 years when Cyrus’ decree begins at 457BC and the total distortion of this prophecy at the above Ptolemaic line “Q” and “R”. God predicted 200 years before in Isaiah 44:28 that through Cyrus, the Temple and Jerusalem would be built. Ezra 4:21-24 confirms this as the Temple and city rebuilding stopped in the same period. God’s word cannot be broken. Anstey’s chronology brings us from the creation of Adam to the decree of Cyrus at 3589 an-Hom solely through the Masoretic text and from there the 490 years brings us the crucifixion of Christ.

Again Anstey was correct in his conclusion on the events found in the books of Ezra, Esther and Nehemiah. The key to understanding the prophecy of the 490 years lies in the understanding the 82 important sequence of events found in the first seven weeks 49 years of the prophecy as revealed in the books of Ezra, Esther and Nehemiah. The confusion of these events occurred when the third century higher critic Oregin divided Ezra and Nehemiah into two books, however, in the original Hebrew it was only one book. No doubt Oregin was influenced by the second century astronomer-astrologer Ptolemy with his 79 inflated years of the Persian reign lasting 205 years. One only needs to examine Ezra 2: and Nehemiah 7: and word for word they are the same text.

Ezra and Nehemiah were contemporaries, who worked together in the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, its dedication and its spiritual reforms that took place under the 12 years of Nehemiah’s governorship. (See Ezra 7:8 & 9 and Nehemiah 5:14-16, 8, 12:33,36, : 13:36).

In Ezra 2&7 the total of the Jews that were taken from Jerusalem to Babylon numbered 42,360. Among them were Nehemiah and Mordecai. Nebuchadnezzar made three sieges against Jerusalem. 597 BC, 586 BC & 582 BC. Mordecai was taken in the siege of 597 BC. The date of Nehemiah’s capture is not recorded. This same group of 42,360 went from Babylon to Jerusalem to build the temple under the decree of Cyrus 536 BC. When Nehemiah completed his 12 years as Governor in Jerusalem, he then returned to Babylon in the 32nd year of Artaxerxes Longmans 1st in 431 BC. This would make the age of Nehemiah somewhere between 171 to 186, depending upon which siege he was captured. This would extrapolate that when Queen Esther married King Ahasuerus she would have been approximately 130 years of age and Mordecai approximately 160 years of age. Knowing the beauty of Esther this approximate age would be an absurdity. This absurd age is a result of adopting the Ptolemy time line. The ages of all these people, become the correct age when it is realized that all these events took place in the Persian period of 126 years according to the Old Testament and not 205 years according to Ptolemy’s Canon.

The crowning evidence is found in Ezra 7:7-26 that the decree of the 7th year of Artaxerxes cannot be Artaxeres Longimanus 1 but is in fact Darius Hytaspes – Artaxerxes.  As one examines every text of Ezra Chapter 7 not one text refers to the building of the walls and city, yet from the going forth to restore and build Jerusalem Daniel 9:24-27 is 490 years which falls in the period from 457BC to AD33 inclusive all full years.  The only decree found in Ezra 7 is for Ezra to take all the necessary items to beautify the temple in Jerusalem however on the Ptolemaic line of years the temple was already completed at 516BC.  Why would Artaxeres of Ezra 7 make a decree to beautify Gods temple 58 years after at 457BC this is both absurd and misleading. This happens because of the 79 inflated years on the Ptolemaic time line for the construction of the Babylonian and Persian kings. This makes it out of step with the 490 year prophecy. See the top line under Q and R on the long chart.

When these 79 false years are removed, Cyrus’ decree commences at 457 true BC date see S on the true BC dates on the long chart. Now we can discover who the real Artaxeres of Ezra 7 is. He is none other than Darius Hytaspes who also bore the name Artaxeres.  During his second year there was a cessation of the temple being built. (441 true BC date) At his 6th year the temple was completed (437 true BC date) In his 7th year (436 true BC) he gives a decree for Ezra to carry all the necessary items to beautify the temple in Jerusalem. This takes place within one year of the temple’s completion, not 58 years later according to the Ptolemaic line of years.

Nehemiah who worked together with Ezra, received a letter of authority to repair the walls from the same Artaxeres in his 20th year (423 true BC date) when the walls were repaired in 52 days according to Nehemiah chapter 2.  These walls were broken down by the Samarians who opposed there rebuilding right from Cyrus’ decree (457 true BC date).  In Ezra 4:21-24, 27 it records that the building of the temple and city ceased at the same time period.  This evidence shows that the decree to build the city and temple took place simultaneously under Cyrus decree (457 true BC date).

When the 2 pages on the PDF file are joined together as an A3 sheet chart this will show how 82 points and a number of prophetic utterances of the OT are perfectly fulfilled in the 49 years of the 70 week time prophecy when Cyrus’ Edict reaches its true date of 457 BC showing the accurate fulfillment of the 490 year prophecy.

The Holy Spirit inspired Daniel through the Angel Gabriel to record the 490 year prophecy in 3 parts. Seven weeks 49 years was the time given to restore and build Jerusalem and the temple. 62 weeks 434 years was the time of grace given to the Jewish people to prepare them for the messiah. One week 7 years was the work of the messiah. His crucifixion and for the establishing of the Christian Church through the 12 Disciples.

From 1996-1998, Keith Moxon and I did a ten year research project to compare the secular chronological line of years supported by Ptolemy’s cannon as it compared to the work of Anstey’s and Mauro’s chronology. Our defense ended up in support of Anstey and Mauro’s work. Our summaries will reveal our position on the problems of the 79 year inflation of Ptolemy’s cannon.

The following PDF file of 170 pages covers the following.
Pages 5-40 Keith Moxon discusses the problem of the 79 year inflation of Ptolemy’s Cannon and the Old Testament chronology of years and its solutions.
Pages 40-66 has Anstey’s tables from creation of Adam to the decree of Cyrus at 3589 AN-Hom years.
Pages 66-100 has Anstey’s detailed analysis demonstrating why Darius Hystaspes is the Artarxerxes of the books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther.
Pages 100-148  has Philip Mauro’s chronology with the complete connecting line of years from Adam to Christ’s crucifixion 4075 AN-Hom years.
The Old Testament chronology does not depend on outside sources for its connecting years. Therefore, predictive prophecy like the 490Year prophecy of Daniel 9 are not calculated from the crucifixion backward but can be connected from the Old Testament records as found in the first promise in Genesis ch.3- 16 and to when the fullness of time had come God sent forth his Son according the chronological years in all the predictive promises throughout the old Testament and in the final culmination of the 490 year prophecy where Christ’s death was foretold.
Pages 148-170 Keith Moxon gives sound biblical exegesis why only our solar system was created from the Genesis period, this differs with the creation science teaching who are dominant that everything and all of the God’s universes were created at Genesis. By this God would be suspended only to have thoughts from all eternity and no creation until just over 6000 years ago.

Before one proceeds with the detailed analysis covering the complete chronological line of years from Adam to Christ on PDF file. It’s important to take a small break here as we examine in three pages how extravagantly rich, merciful, deep and profound was Christ suffering on the cross in order to save lost humanity from eternal separation which sin brought.

These would be the reasons why God imbedded throughout the Old Testament the complete line of the years from Adam’s fall where God made a promise in Genesis 3-16 of the coming messiah who would destroy the serpent’s head which is the devil who bought ruin and death.

From all these messianic promises throughout the old Testament the climax was the 490 year prophecy of Daniel 9 where in the final week was revealed how the Messiah will die after 3.5 year after his ministry who brought in everlasting righteousness and eternal life to all who would respond and receive Jesus as their saviour. These are the mighty reasons why the chronological line of years are found in the Old Testament records which sadly even some professing Christians deny.

Our summary of  PDF files can be downloaded or examined using Adobe.

B. Dobra

Old Testament Chronology 

Chronology Including Dates

Part 1

Part 2

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