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Jeremiah 25:1

4th year Jehoiakim

1st year Nebuchadnezzar

605 BC—————————-—-536BC decree of Cyrus—————457BC—–—————490———–years——-Ptolemy Persian kings 205years———————-——AD33

Ptolemy’s profane  years 79 false years inserted into the old testament  chronology  pushers those 79 years towards creation  from Cyrus true decree

At 457BC to 536BC. Top line of years are Ptolemaic years.



4th year Jehoiakim

1st year Nebuchadnezzar

526BC—-70 year prophecy—-457BC————-——490————years—-–Old Testament years - 126 years Persian kings———-AD33

Old testament line of years.


The fourth year of Jehoiakim is one of the most important dates in all biblical history Jeremiah since it synchronizes sacred chronology with profane chronology Daniel 1:1,2 Jeremiah 25:11,12 and Jeremiah 29;10, Boris Dobra has done, a ten year intensive study of old testament chronology and demonstrates in forty minutes why there is a difference of 79 years between the old testament timeline and profane chronology. Daniel 1:1,2, In the third year of Jehoiakim Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem at 526BC Nebuchadnezzar true BC year. the profane year of Nebuchadnezzar at 605BC synchronize to 526 BC Since the 70 years of captivity commence when Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem at third year of Jehoiakim Daniel 1:1,2   then the 70 years of captivity expired at Daniel 9:1,2, where Darius and then Cyrus decree at 457BC commenced the 490 year prophecy   Daniel 9;25.


It is important that we clarify and understand the events surrounding what actually took place, when Daniel was pleading with the lord concerning his Sanctuary that was in desolation. There is no way through it around it, over or under it. Either we believe the words of Daniel or we only partially believe him. When Daniel prayed in Daniel 9:3-19 it was at the beginning of the 490 prophecy as revealed in Daniel 9:25 “from the going forth and to restore and rebuild Jerusalem….”. Daniel was pleading with the lord that the sanctuary was in desolation and for the lord to show mercy to his people to restore the temple. No matter how much other interpreters or writers wish to jump up and down claiming that the Temple was already being built from 536BC and completed to 516BC. This is 92 years away from Daniel’s prayer. We can with great confidence say that they are wrong and are totally mislead. “Period”.

The fact that Sanctuary was in desolation when Daniel prayed. Very shortly after Cyrus makes the Decree for the Temple to be rebuilt, all this was taking place between (Darius the Mede and Cyrus as sole ruler Daniel 9:1,2 ). It states in Ezra 1:1-3, that  Cyrus made the Decree to build the temple as well as he  sends the Jews to Jerusalem to rebuild. This ties in with the rebuilding of the city as well. Daniel 9:25 from going forth to rebuild Jerusalem . The final clincher to all of this is that only after the Jews served 70 years in Babylon according to Jeremiah 25:1.11,12. Jeremiah 29:10 & Daniel 9;1,2 they would return from Babylon  and restore both the temple and City. This is in harmony with all that is predicted in Daniel 9. Isaiah 45:13 says “The lord says I have raised him up in righteousness, He shall let my exiles go free”. Those Scholars and interpreters who are vehemently advocating this took place from 536BC are working against the correct interpretation as it is written in Daniel 9.

It  is only when the 79 false years are removed from the Old Testament records which have inserted into it, was I able demonstrate in my 40 minute talk on you tube, how the 82 events perfectly fulfils and correspond with Cyrus’ true Decree at 457BC. There have been many Scholars over the years who have seen Cyrus’ Decree as the starting period for the 490 prophecy. This includes the great scholar, the late Dr Raymond Cottrell. (see google “Cyrus decree to rebuild-let God be true). The  problem is that many Scholars and researches, had 79 years over stated gap period by  Ptolemy’s Persian kings lasting 205 years where the Old Testament records have the Persian Kings lasting only 126 years according To Daniel and Jeremiah. It is only when these 79 false years are removed and  Cyrus comes at his true and correct  Decree at 457BC is the  problems solved. This debate is not something new. It has been going on for hundreds of years as to how to solve the problem and Anstey and Mauro have done just that.


Cyrus Decree to Rebuild – Let God be True!www.letgodbetrue.comHeathen Astrologer or Hebrew Prophet? Who Should You Believe in Answering this Bible Question? Which King Issued the Commandment to Rebuild Jerusalem in Daniel 9:25?


False Ptolemaic Chronology

The Ptolemaic camp tries to falsely place the prayer of Daniel just before where Cyrus 79 false and inflated years in the Ptolemaic decree which stands at 536BC, and Jeremiah’s 70 years expires close to 536BC. What they have failed to grasp is the following:-

Verse 21. The man Gabriel reached me.

Verse 22. He informed me and said to me              Verse 23. At the beginning of your supplication, the command went out (directly from heaven) not only to explain the 70 weeks to Daniel, and the commandment went out in urgency from heaven was to start the 70 weeks prophecy almost immediately. The Angel Gabriel did not give the message to Daniel just prior to  536 BC So that Daniel would have to wait 79 years at 457BC to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. This is what the Ptolemaic camp is proposing and it is a lot of nonsense and totally absurd. Daniel asked in his prayer to God, “not delay for your sake, my God, for your city and sanctuary and your people. Daniel 9: 17 18,19. God did not delay the 70 weeks by 79 years but Ptolemaic chronologist have and inserted 79  additional years into the Old Testament chronology of years found in Daniel 9, and the books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther. This confuses the correct narrative as recorded in the texts of the old testament.

The Ptolemaists propose that the 70 years of Jeremiah ends just before 536BC at Cyrus decree to rebuild the temple from 536 to 515BC.  During Daniel’s prayer, how could it possibly be that the sanctuary was still desolate at the beginning of  457BC as revealed in Daniel 9:17 and up to verse24.

Isaiah 28;13 says, but the word of the Lord was to them precept upon precept, precept upon precept. line upon line. line upon line, here a little, there a little. Let us put this principle to work. God does not always use one Bible writer to convey his complete message. The Lord used Isaiah 45;28, 45:13 to say that Cyrus will build the city. The Lord also inspired Ezra 1:1-4 to say that Cyrus’ decree would also build the temple. God inspired Ezra 4:21-24  to say that they stopped the building of the City and the temple. This took place simultaneously in the same period. This reveals that Cyrus’ true decree at 457BC commenced the building of the temple and city simultaneously and not in separate periods. Artaxerxes had to research Cyrus’ first and original decree to recommence the building of the Temple after the Temple and city were stopped from being built. Ezra I:1 Now in the first year of Cyrus, king of Persia, that the word of the Lord spoken by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled (the 70 years). See also Daniel 9:1,2 which is the first year of Darius the Mede and the second year Cyrus becomes sole ruler of Babylon. This is further explained in Ezra 1:1-4 that the seventy weeks expires at the first year Darius and the second year Cyrus the sole ruler makes his true conversion decree at 457BC.

The Holy Spirit made sure that no one could cheat in the interpretation of this prophecy. Firstly, God made sure that Daniel 9:1,2 had the correct starting and ending concerning the seventy years of the Jeremiah prophecy. Darius the Mede, reigned conjointly with Cyrus for two years which was 458BC and at 457BC.  Cyrus then became sole ruler of Babylon (Cyrus True Bible conversion year dates 457BC). The Scene from Daniel 9:1,2   God is now fulfilling what he already predicted in Isaiah 43:28 and Isaiah 45:13 that Cyrus’ decree would build both the city of Jerusalem and the temple. This one period of Time Daniel 9:24 where both the City of Jerusalem and Temple building commence at Cyrus’ original decree, not 79 years apart where city decree starts with Artaxerxes Longamanus according to the Ptolemaic reckoning of years.

Ezra 7 shows, the seventh year of Artaxerxes Longamanus. There is not find one verse in the whole chapter of  Ezra 7 for a decree to build the city of Jerusalem. The letters of the decree given by Artaxerxes were for the beautifying of the House of God and to supply all the necessary material required for the temple. Read verses 16 to 24, and 27. This is the king the Ptolemaist have chosen for the decree to build the City but it does not fit any of its claims in Ezra 7. Mordecai and Nehemiah were captured and returned. see Ezra 2:1,2 and Nehemiah 7:6,7 has Nebuchadnezzar takes into captivity.  Mordecai and Nehemiah 70 years in Babylon and they both returned back to Jerusalem.

In Daniel 9:23,24 the command is given directly (from heaven) for the degree to commence the 70 week time prophecy the determined decree to rebuild Jerusalem. It is dealing with God’s time period where God through Christ is going to bring in the everlasting righteousness. God does not allow human interpretation to interfere with this prophecy.  There is not a chance in the world, that the Jews could have sneaked out of Babylon at 536BC to 515BC for 20 years rebuilding the sanctuary as proposed by misconstrued interpreters. 79 false years were inserted into this prophecy that the sun did not shine upon. Now let’s proceed to verse 3. Daniel then set his face towards the Lord in supplication and with fasting and sackcloth. Daniel is going into sackcloth to pray and fast because the seventy years have come to its close. Daniel’s pray request is recorded in verse 4 to 17-19. Now, therefore, our God hear the prayer of your servant and supplication, and for your sake cause your face to shine on your sanctuary, which is desolate.

Verse 17. “Oh my God, incline your ear and hear; Open your eyes and see our desolation and the city which is called by your name. Verse 19. Lord hear, O Lord, forgive Oh Lord, listen and act. Do not delay for your own sake, my God for your city and for your people which are called by your name. Daniel is here pleading for the restoration of the temple and the city and people because the seventy years of Jeremiah has come to an end at the correct time of 457BC. Are we to believe, from the accounts given, that Daniel had to wait 79 years from 536BC so he could have his supplication plea to God be answered 79 years later. This would be absurd.

This why the two frames the 70 years of Jeremiah and 490 years of Daniel 9:24 follow each other. Firstly, the seventy years of Jeremiah could not have occurred before 536BC because the Sanctuary was still desolate at 457BC. If it was restored at 536BC to  515BC How could the sanctuary  still be desolate at 457 BC as revealed in  Daniel 9;17,18 up to verse 24. Secondly, there are only 74 years of reign by Nebuchadnezzar according to Jeremiah 25:1 the 1st year of Nebuchadnezzar was the fourth year of Jehoiakim. Daniel 1:1 says that Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem in the third year of Jehoiakim. This is the commencement of Jeremiah 70 year prophecy by Nebuchadnezzar. So you only have 74 years from 526BC to 457BC and the seventy years of Jeremiah can only take place between 526BC and 457BC. Since Nebuchadnezzar true years of reign according to Jeremiah and Daniel are only 74 years. Either we accept the truth of Jeremiah and Daniel’s words or we accept an Astrology/ Astronomy Claudius Ptolemy. Ptolemy gives 205 years for the Persian Kings, whereas,  Jeremiah and Daniel record of 126 years for the Persian Kings reign.

Boris Dobra

September 11 / 2017

Chart to demonstrate the problem of the 79 extra years in Ptolemy’s canon

Drawn by Boris Dobra 18/1/2016

See our long chart. Go to www.oldtestamentchronology.com and compare this chart below which shows how

Download Here

 Chart to demonstrate the problem of the 79 extra years in Ptolemy

Download Here

 85 Events 2


The Cyrus cylinder housed in the British museum and united nation building is a true testimony to the  Book of  Isaiah.




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